About Lenard Audio

Lenard Audio is a design and consulting company specialising in electro-acoustic engineering


All Lenard Audio sound systems are designed as fully 4-way active and are multi applicable across many audio applications including domestic, commercial, professional, studio monitoring and cinema.

The key principal behind the design of all Lenard Audio products is to replicate the virtual reality of musical instruments; allowing the listener to experience the music as it was recorded. 

To achieve this, we have simply adhered to the laws of nature and physics, building our systems to enable the musical instruments to behave as they would in the natural world.  A piano can only be a piano; a violin can only be a violin; a sound system that replicates the virtual reality of musical instruments can only be fully 4-way active and scaled in similar structure to the musical instruments it replicates. Therefore the form of a Lenard Audio product is dictated by its function.

Along with the products highlighted below, custom built systems are also able to be made for any environment and application.  All our products are built to last a lifetime and are therefore aesthetically designed with this in mind.

4-Way Active

4-way active refers to the application of dividing the music spectrum into 4 registers; bass, lower voice, upper voice and harmonics, prior to it being sent to the amplifier and its speaker dedicated to that register, (min. 4 x amplifiers & 4 x speakers per channel).  The total music spectrum is approximately 10 octaves; each register covering 2-3 octaves. 

When we refer to fully 4-way active, we are making a distinction from products advertised as 4-way active which can be 3-way passive with a separate active sub-woofer or stereo systems that are 2-way active per channel but marketed as 4-way active systems.  To be fully 4-way active, the music signal must be divided by an electronic cross-over prior to being sent to the amplifiers, (dedicated per register).  The divided amplified signal is then sent directly to its dedicated speaker.

No acoustic musical instrument or single loud speaker can faithfully replicate the entire music spectrum of 10 octaves.  In order to replicate the full music experience with minimal to zero inter-modulation (sound clutter), 4-way active principals must be applied to sound system design.


The team at Lenard Audio is also available to consult and advise on acoustics, audio education and areas of specialised sound reinforcement where the demand and requirements are of a higher standard than that readily accessible through the usual avenues.

8 Channel mixerIn previous generations many homes had a piano, but overnight this was replaced with wireless radios, television and small stereo systems that poorly mimic the sound created by real musical instruments.  The music most of us have grown up listening to lacks the depth, richness, detail, and the dynamic power of real instruments.

We hope that Lenard Audio can offer to the world what has been lost, and return to our homes and entertainment venues the sound of the true nature of real musical instruments, played by the greatest musicians, for both live performance and that which has been captured and remaining forever on the recorded mediums of vinyl and now our modern digital technology. 

Phaenelagh Burnett

Present Designs

Saraband, 4 way system Sarabands are beautiful aesthetically designed 4 way active integrated sound systems designed for both domestic and professional application.   Speaker components (drivers) are selected for market application.   Audiophile speakers for domestic or compression driver and horn with hi-frequency ring radiator for professional PA and Cinema.

Cabinet construction allows for a variety of finishes with standard designs in decorative steels with powder coating facia and polyurethane with timber veneer facia.
The Opals are large 4 way active sound systems.   The Opal technology gives the highest fidelity performance, that is technically achievable, regardless of scale.   Solid state amplification for high powered professional application, Cinema and PA.   Valve amplification is optional, for studio monitoring and audiophiles.

The finish can be utilitarian or classical timber construction.   The cabinets are modular for stack variation.
Opal UL Valve amplifiers   Each vertical rack contains 5, 100 Watt ultra linear valve amplifiers, including power supply, and 4 way active crossover.   The number of amplifier modules can be varied to application.

Each amplifier module has calibration for gain, valve bias, current monitoring and HV protection.
UL Valve amp tower
K4 CinemaThe Giant K4   is a very large-scale 4 way active, integrated professional sound system.   Designed for minimal depth, enabling it to fit behind large cinema screens.   Ideally suited to theme park application.   The K4 is fully exponentially horn loaded, creating a plane wave front, for 3D virtual reality experience.

The K4 can be applied to any large entertainment environment, and scaled to any height, as a giant line-array.
K4 Concert SystemK4 Concert system   This versatile application of the giant K4 system, creates a traditional forward facing, very large scale, concert sound system.

The K4 delivers the depth and earth shaking experience, that is not obtainable from modern flown line-arrays.

The K4 concert system is designed for floor standing, and scaled to any size imaginable.

Past Designs

100W per channel ultra linear valve amp.   Produced in the 1970s, this beautiful aesthetically designed audiophile valve amp, was produced in limited quantity for the AMW brand.   The open extrusion construction is strong and unique, and allows for free air flow ventilation.

BE Valve amp, front view

BE, ultra linear valve amp

16 Channel Concert mixer   Produced in the 1970s, was ahead of its time.   Each channel had independent EQ, compression-limiting, led ramps etc.   With 50 meter multi core, 16 ch stage mixer, junction box, inc talk back.   Output sends for 4 way active systems.

16 Channel concert mixer


8 Channel Stage mixer   also produced in the 1970s.   This very versatile and robust, extruded aluminium 8 ch mixer was designed for the hire industry.   It could be external, battery, or phantom powered.


Line array project   Developed in the 1970s, for the concert entertainment hire industry.   Fitted with 2 x 12in speakers, slot radiators, and internally powered with solid state 400 Watt amplifiers.   These fibreglass moulded cabinets were the precursor of todays smaller line-arrays.

The international concert tour market became centred in the US, therefore concert systems from the US became favoured and development ceased.

Line Array 2 x 12 inch horn


Line Array project

Molded speaker cabinebtMoulded Systems   Produced in the late 1970s, these fibreglass moulded cabinets were virtually indestructible and specifically designed for the entertainment hire industry.

The cabinets could be fitted with a variation of 15in speakers and horns and internally self powered with 200 Watt amplifiers.



Monitor valve amp   Produced in the 1980s, this monitor valve amp, was designed for the highest level of technological performance, that valve amps could be taken to.   The amp has an external 1200VA power supply.   The application is for studio monitors, driving passive and active speakers.Monitor Valve amplifier