K4 Professional

System overview

The K4 Professional Entertainment, large-scale, 4 way active sound systems, generate a plane wave front projecting the acoustic center forward 6db. This gives an acoustical illusion that the performance is closer than it actually is. Thus creating a 3D virtual-reality experience.

The K4 integrated sound system creates a 3D, virtual reality,, fully dynamic, experience. The immense clarity and realistic impact is created by the system being fully horn loaded. The listener will experience the performance being projected into the audience and at low level the K4 also provides whispering closeness and detailed fidelity.

The effect is breathtaking. The K4 delivers depth and earth shaking experience, for large entertainment venues, large cinemas and theme park application.

Lenard four-way active technology, the way we hear the natural world

Active is each speaker managed by its own amplifier, as each musician playing their own instrument. An electronic crossover separates the frequency spectrum into 4 bands. Each band has its own amplifiers and speakers. The amplifiers and electronic crossover are independent or within the speaker system, depending on application.

Four-way active achieves every criteria without compromise.

  • Full Fidelity
  • Realism
  • Dynamic Power
  • Even Dispersion
  • Detailed Intelligibility

Canbera Opal System

K4 Professional

System dimensions

Each speaker stack consists of four 15in horn bins vertically facing each other deflecting 90deg for wide horizontal dispersion.

  • Harmonics
    Ring radiators. 6k - 20kHz
  • Upper voice
    2in compression driver with dispersion lens800 - 6kHz
  • Lower voice
    1 pair of 15in linear horn voice bins100 - 800Hz
  • Sub - Bass
    1 pair of 15in folded horn bass bins20 - 100Hz

Each Stack

  • Height (2400mm / 8ft)
  • Width (3060mm / 10ft)
  • Depth (440mm / 18in)

Each 15 inch horn birn

  • Mouth (440mm x 915mm / 18in x 36in)
  • Length (1020mm / 44in)

Canbera Opal System


Model building

Our design process begins by putting pen to paper and drawing a rough sketch of what is held within our thought structure.. The design is then generally taken into AutoCAD for refinement. However, we also like to build scale models so that we can gain a better perspective of the the final outcome. Employing these techniques allow us to visualise our ideas within a physical space.K4 design, sketch

The Image opposite is the first artistic impression of what a combined left, centre and right stack of the K4 would look like.

The short video shows our basic scale models of the K4 and how this giant system can be scaled to any size that is desired. The intended application of this design is for it to fit behind cinema screens.


Systems under construction

The K4 systems are built to our demanding specifications by professional craftsmen. Each project is built to order and is tailored to the needs of the client. Professional entertainment and Cinema venues are where these giant systems come to life, expect a visceral impact!


  • The K4 systems are commissioned to order

  • The Systems are set up as line-array to any height, by each module pair,   per 915mm / 3ft.

  • The speakers are inside the cabinets and not seen.

  • The systems can blend into the environment, or be finished as an architectural feature.

  • The speaker system and electronics are factory pre-fabricated and tested.

  • The systems are assembled on site,acoustically aligned and architecturally finished if required.

  • Licensing for fabrication and marketing is available

Canbera Opal System
Canbera Opal System



 Professional   Entertainment

Each speaker is driven by its own independent amplifier , a 400 Watt amp is integrated within each speaker cabinet.at the rear or beside each speaker stack.

Electronic crossovers can be at the mixing console or with each amp pack

Cinema Application

Each speaker stack is driven by an amplifier pack of six 200 Watt amps and each speaker is driven by its own independent amplifier.The amplifier packs are at the rear of each speaker stack.

An electronic crossover is included in each amp pack .The crossover divides the frequency spectrum into 4 sections. Re-calibration is simple to perform and the controls easily accessible

Line-level for (Left-Centre-Right) and (.1 Sub-Bass)is sent from the projector room to each of the amp packs.The .1 Sub-Bass is sent to all 3 amp packs
The .1 Sub-Bass is delivered through all centre-left-right bass bins.Rears are up-graded complementing main system per application


Depth   Warmth   Presence   Sparkle

Gain controls for the amplifiers and speakers. System is pre-calibrated for free-field, with controls at centre position. Re-calibration is for acoustic environment and enjoyment of performance .

Volume Master gain control
Sparkle 100 / 200 Watt amps for the Ring Radiators (harmonics)
Presence 100 / 200 Watt amps for the 2in compression drivers (upper voice)
Warmth 200 / 400 Watt amps for the 15in linear horns (lower voice)
Depth 200 / 400 Watt amps for the 15in folded horns (sub-bass)
Bias High frequency enhance control.   Compensates for large rooms,
air attenuation and cinema screen.   Normally flat anti-clockwise, clockwise to enhance



Left - Centre - Right

K4 Ciniema install