Lenard Audio Product ReviewsCanberra Opals, feature in the Australian Hi-Fi

Australian Hi-Fi reviews the Canberra Opals

The art of loudspeaker design is the art of compromise. What size enclosure should the designer choose? It must be transportable, yet big enough to provide suitable bass reinforcement. Should he (for it is almost always a man’s game) design his three-driver system as a three-way system, or provide two bass/midrange drivers? If the latter, should he opt for a D’Appolito drive configuration, to deliver a peerless point-source sound? Or reject that, because this works only on a single horizontal plane?

Above all, what driver, cabinet and cross-over design choices should be made when a realistic selling price must be achieved?

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This review of the Opals was written by Stephen Dawson www.hifi-writer.com and  was printed in the Australian HiFi magazine, March/April 2007 edition.