System overview

Sarabandes are beautifully crafted, aesthetically designed, 4-way active speakers that are created for the ultimate home Hi-Fi experience.   Cabinets are compact and circular allowing for easy adaption into any environment.

Standard model finishes come as either black onyx powder coated fascia with a highly polished stainless steel surround or crafted timber veneer fascia with black satin surround.

As fully 4-way active integrated systems, Sarabandes come with five 100 watt solid state amplifiers and 4-way active cross-over contained within each speaker cabinet. A large aesthetically styled heatsink situated on the front of each cabinet holds the amplifiers.  Signal input is RCA and XLR balanced and unbalanced.

The sub bass is produced by two 12in speakers located within their own chamber in each cabinet, these two speakers reproduce the fullest depth of the bass register. There is a large port at the bottom of the cabinet where the bass frequency emanates.  This approach is described as compound cavity drive.

As the smallest size system design able to provide the fully 4-way active experience, the Sarabande was created to allow an Opal class system experience in a compact and economical package that will fit into any home environment. 

The way we hear the natural world

4-way active is the application of dividing the music spectrum into 4 registers: bass; lower voice; upper voice and harmonics. Fully 4-way active is when the music signal is divided by an electronic cross-over prior to it being sent to the dedicated amplifiers and speakers.  This allows for an experience as we hear sound in the natural world.

Sarabande, 4 way active system



Each Sarabande speaker has five 100 Watt, solid state, power amplifiers housed inside of each cabinet. The amplifiers are mounted below the two internal 12 inch bass speakers. The large semi-elliptical plate is the heatsink and houses the amplifiers and power supply.

Sarabande Amp Modules

Cabinet Construction


As with all Lenard active speakers, the intial concept is first drafted out onto paper or a basic computer graphic is generated. The concept is then taken into Autodesk where scaled CAD drawings are modeled by our skilled draftsmen. During this process key decisions are made on the overall direction taken with the design. When we have reached an acceptable level of refinement the drawings are then rendered. The CAD drawings are then used in the fabrication process where advanced CNC routing techniques are employed.

The circular enclosure is constructed from a layer of high density substrate, a layer of latex and the final layer is cut from a sheet of highly polished stainless steel. This ensures resonance is kept to a minimum.

The centre baffle is taken to the paint shop where the surface is primed and then given it's final finish of Black Onyx.

The large heat sink, amplifiers, electronics and cable harness are then fitted into the cabinet. The final step is for the speaker drivers to be installed and benchmark tested.

4 way active speaker design

Cabinet Construction

Low, Mid and High frequencies


Within the main cabinet lies a separate circular enclosure that is dedicated for the 8 inch lower voice speaker. Also contained inside of this enclosure and within it's own circular enclosure is the 5 inch upper voice speaker. The tweeter is housed in it's own sealed chamber.

A circular box is the best acoustical container for a speaker but is more difficult to construct.   The rectangular box with parallel sides, is the worst container for a speaker to be placed in.   The inside parallel walls of the box coincide with wavelengths of musical frequencies, creating standing waves and resonances. These resonances then interfere with the music.




Internal enclosures

Cabinet Construction

Sub Bass

The two 12 inch sub bass speakers are located at the bottom of the cabinet and are arranged in an Isobaric cavity drive.

Isobaric Cavity Drive sub-bass is a special high-powered Helmholtz resonator. The speakers are inside the enclosure and compounded to increase power. The two 12 inch speakers are coupled together to act as a single speaker. Frequency response is limited to within the lowest 2 octaves. Cavity drive can be efficient and generate similar bass energy as a normal sealed speaker box 2-4 times in size.

Isobaric sub bass


Depth   Warmth   Presence   Sparkle

The controls for the system are easily accessible at the top of each cabinet. Levels are independantly controlled for each active speaker. Calibration of the system is for the acoustic environment and is for the enjoyment of performance. This is personal, and simple to perform, and most of all, enjoyable .


Level Master gain control
Sparkle 100 Watt amp for the tweeter (harmonics)
Presence 100 Watt amp for the 5 inch speaker (upper voice)
Warmth 100 Watt amp for the 8 inch speaker (lower voice)
Depth 2 x 100 Watt amps for the 2 x 12 inch speakers (sub-bass)



As fully 4-way active speakers, Sarabandes come with five 100 watt solid state amplifiers and 4-way active electronic cross-overs. The crossover is located at the top of each speaker cabinet and can be manually adjusted by the end user.

When the Sarabande recieves an input signal the electronic crossover will then divide the full frequency signal into the four seperate frequency bands which are highlighted in the opposite image. These four signals are then passed onto their respective 100 watt amplifiers that will power each speaker driver independently. The sub bass 20-100Hz frequency range is sent to two 100 watt amplifiers.

The benefits of this approach will allow you to experience sound as we hear it in the natural world.

The level controls of the crossover are calibrated for free field which means zero room reverberation. The controls can be easily re-adjusted to give the best performance to suit the room environment and music.

The crossover is Linkwitz-Riley 4th order time aligned


Lenard Audio Sarabande, 4 way active speakers



The Sarabande accepts signal at line-level, from any control system RCA or XLR.

  • Stereo RCA or XLR Balanced
  • XLRs Male Balanced switched
  • XLRs Female Balanced switched

Mains power

  • IEC 110V / 240V dedicated
  • Power is controlled for speaker protection
  • Manual and remote turn on/off
Sarabande inputs

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